From Christmas 2009 Jo Malone London added an exciting concept to its gift offering - The fragrance Chronicles.

Each set was presented in a gift box, beautifully designed to look like a book.
The back of the 'book' details the concept "Part of the charm of a Jo Malone fragrance starts with the story that inspired the original design. The Fragrance Chronicles is a storybook that captures all the adventures in scent alongside the individual inspiration. This particular fascinating tale reveals the artistry of scent through a unique and intreaging fragrance story."


This is followed with a quote from an industry expert, and lists the fragrances included within the set.

The inside 'front cover' explains the lead fragrance, and the delves down deeper, with an explanation of individual notes and how to use them to enhance your your scent.

Each set then includes 30mls of the lead scent, then three 9ml miniatures of the individual notes, allowing you to enhance the top, heart or base notes, or create your own bespoke scents.

For example The story of Lime Basil & Madarin contains 30mls of Lime Basil & Mandarin, 9mls of Mandarin to enhance the top notes, 9mls of Sweet Basil to enhance the heart and 9mls of Amberwood to enhance the base.

These are sadly long discontinued, but I still dream of the day they decide to do these again!

The following Chronicles where released:

Christmas 2009:
Pomegranate Noir
Casablanca Lily
Guica wood


Lime Basil & Mandarin
Sweet Basil


Valentines 2010
Red Roses
Moroccan Mint Leaf
Ice Rose


Spring 2010
Orange Blossom

Clementine Flower
Orris Wood
White Lilac


Neccterine Blossom & Honey
Acacia Blossom
Vetiver Haiti


Christmas 2011
English Pear & Freesia
King William Pear


Amber & Lavender
Spice Rose
Orient Amber
Sweet Lemon