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My thoughts on Wisteria & Lavender

OK, so a little later than planned...!

After the spicy celebration of Lavender & Coriander, and the woody punch of Silver Birch and Lavender, I was least looking forward to Wisteria & Lavender. I'm not opposed to florals, Wild Bluebell is one of my favorites... But something was making me expect a delicate, powdery, and dare I say it feminine floral. Instead, I am greeted with a really sharp note - Almost citrus but not quite. A certain freshness, without the softness, almost fresh cut grass but without the green.

This to me is a showcase of the sharper side of lavender, the citrus element that is rarely seen in fragrance. It's somehow reminiscent of geranium to me - A fragrance note I absolutely adore! The dry down keeps the tang, but adopts a very addictive quality, with a musk that feels so different to how musk is usually done.

This very well be my favorite of the three, somehow fusing so many different elements around lavender in a way that captivates and enchants.

"Cascading wisteria frames a characterful house, creating a nostalgic purple picture. This soft floral presentation of English lavender is entwined with sweet wisteria and powdery heliotrope. A picturesque trio, cocooned in clean and delicate white musk."

Wisteria & Lavender contains English lavender as it's top note, wisteria and heliotrope at the heart, and a base of white musk.

Wisteria & Lavender is still currently available.

Jo Malone London Wisteria & Lavender Spring Limited Edition 2020

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