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New skincare coming to jo Malone London?

I have a confession - despite my love of Jo Malone London, and skincare - I've not really gotten into Jo Malone London skincare. This is largely down to the relatively limited range, and it does sadden me that this is an area that the brand largely phased out (you can find out more here) but all that could be about to change...

As most fans know by now, Jo Malone sold the brand to Este Lauder back in 1999. Este Lauder is famous for recognising upcoming brands and bring them into the mainstream. They have a large portfolio, and as with a lot of companies, The Covid 19 pandemic has meant reviewing many aspects of their business, which has sadly meant the closure of some brands, and The Este Lauder Company have recently announced the closure of a requisition from 2014 - Rodin Skincare.

So what does this have to do with Jo Malone London I hear you cry?!

Well, it has been announced that Rodin Skincare will merge with Jo Malone London! At first with a 'capsule collection' in October, and if this proves popular, potentially long term.

Now I must admit to not knowing anything about the Rodin brand before hearing about this. It does appear that this was pretty much exclusively sold within the US, with Net-A-Porter being the only retailer for the UK market. So I did wonder if this would reach wider than the US website and/or stores... But doing a bit of digging, I have found a UK press release that confirms this is coming to the UK!

"An Enchanting New Collaboration

Jo Malone London will be joining with Rodin olio lusso for a limited-edition collaboration. This is a journey forged in true common ground - a love of unique, treasured ingredients and olfactive clarity. In signature Jo Malone London style, this collaboration will explore both houses' heritages and commitments to craftsmanship, whilst continuing to deliver unexpected fragrances, beautiful textures, and uplifting new ways to slow down and escape through scented rituals. This fragrant skincare collaboration will launch in October 2021."

New Jo Malone Skincare Rodin Jo Malone collaboration new 2021
A look at the Rodin olio lusso brand

The range certainly seems to fit with the Jo Malone London ethos - The facial oils herer are simply named, focusing on the main ingredients, Jasmine & Neroli and Geranium & Orange blossom facial oils sound particularly enticing!

If this has caught your interest, and you are looking for a bit more information about the brand and what this might entail for Jo Malone London, a good place to start is here.

As always, more information as it becomes available.