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Christmas 2021 - An update

Festive greetings everyone! I can't say I am particularly in the festive spirit just yet, but my local John Lewis did have the Jo Malone London Christmas start to arrive - So it is starting to begin...

The Christmas collection should now be fully available across all stores, so you may wish to start your Christmas shopping - Buying for yourself totally counts too!

Whilst I was my local John Lewis, something that caught my eye amongst the Christmas collection that I hadn't seen up to this point was a limited edition Pomegranate Noir 100ml.

However I have also since discovered this isn't the only surprise exclusive this year, with many favorites getting a festive makeover plus the surprise return of Rose & Magnolia!

To round up where these will be available: Pomegranate Noir will be at every stockist, alongside Orange Bitters, and Starlit Mandarin & Honey. White Moss & Snowdrop is exclusive to John Lewis. Rose & Magnolia is exclusive to Regent Street and Harrods. Myrrh & Tonka is exclusive to Selfridges. Regent Street gets another exclusive, with the Wood Sage & Salt.