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Brit collection 2021

As some of you may be aware, like many others, I haven't been my best self during this pandemic. Working hard, then not having the recreational outputs we would usually have has played havoc with my motivation!

I've still kept my love for the brand and wear it daily, but outside of this I haven't felt particularly inspired during this time. And then the Brit collection information came along...

So enough about me, come and see what has got me so excited again!

For the new or uninitiated, every year for Spring, Jo Malone London release a collection known as the 'Brit Collection' The format can vary slightly from year to year, but generally we've come to expect a set of 5 new 30ml fragrances 'dressed up' in a quintessentially British theme, amping up the British sense of whimsy synonymous with the brand.

Jo Malone London Summer Fete, Brit Collection 2021, Summer limited edition 2021
Jo Malone London Summer Fete

So lets set the scene with this years theme - British Summer Fetes. Growing up in the countryside, these where a staple of my childhood, lucky dips, tombola and raffle tickets - finished off with a picnic and cream tea.

Although the full theme and inspiration is yet to be revealed the names to evoke the cream tea part of the fete - and of course the judge the cake stalls. Who can resist a Victoria Sponge generously filled with sticky fruity Jam?

New Jo Malone London 2021, Jo Malone Summer 2021, Jo Malone Brit Collection 2021

This years theme seems very much focused on jam!

Lets start with the new, as you can see from above we will be seeing Orange Peel, Tangy Rhubarb and not pictured Rose Blush. Unusually, a current fragrance - Blackberry & Bay, will be joining the collection with the limited edition packaging. (I believe the only other time this has been done is with Pomegranate Noir for the 'Rock The Ages' collection.) Also not pictured is , Elderflower Cordial, which is believed to be a rename of Elderflower & Gooseberry.

New Jo Malone London 2021, Jo Malone Summer 2021, Jo Malone Brit Collection 2021

The theme is tied together with the packaging, evoking gingham picnic blankets and floral table cloths.

So far it appears the collection consists of the five fragrances in 30mls - Though I am hoping for candles too!

"The Marmalade Collection" as now appears to be the official title, will be for sale in stores in the UK from 3rd May, but has started showing up online...

The pictures showing the product where posted to our lovely Facebook community by Theresa. Be sure to follow her over on Instagram, where she posts regular sneak peeks!