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Blossoms, Brits and Bluebells

Alongside Christmas, the most coveted event in the Jo Malone London Calendar is the launch of the new 'Brit' collection, closely followed by the years Blossom launch - If you are anything like me, you'll also be looking forward to the latest makeover for Wild Bluebell too! Below is all I know about these three upcoming releases.

I'm going to start with Blossoms as this has been much rumored, but we finally have a little clue in the form of a photo:

Jo Malone Blossoms 2022 Sea Daffodil

Daffodil had long been a rumor for the 2022 Blossom release, but here we can see the scent is Sea Daffodil.

I was surprised to discover Sea Daffodil is actually a real plant, and is reported to be a heady mix of lily and green notes.

This is rumored to be joined by 'Bitter Mandarin', but as with the initial rumor of daffodil, this may just be a theme or part title. The overall theme is "Sardinian summer", which may give further clues to a Mediterranean style citrus. As you can see, the bottle follows last years controversial design, but the opaque rather than transparent lid does elevate the look for me.

Ok so the Brit collection! Still nothing concrete, but it has been strongly rumored to be based around water. Last years Brit collection contained a current staple (Blackberry and Bey) and a returning Favorite (Elderflower Cordial/Elderflower & Gooseberry) and this is said to be a them that continues - Wood Sage & Seas Salt will get a makeover, with Rain & Angelica returning. That's the Sea and Rain sorted, so will be interesting which other water based scents the remaining 3 will be based on. This is said to be another 5 piece 30ml collection, although we could be seeing Wood Sage & Sea Salt have a 100ml release in the Brit collection packaging.

A few of the top Jo Malone London Fragrances also receive a regular makeover for an annual limited edition release. Wild Bluebell is one of these, and the 2022 offering is a little complex... Not one but two appear to be doing the rounds, one with a clear label but in a bold blue, with a bold blue lid. The second very similar, but instead of clear glass, features the silver effect glass as per some of the 2021 Christmas Limited editions. I'm showing both below, but not certain at this moment in time as to which is going where...

Wild Bluebell 2022

Wild Bluebell 2022