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Christmas 2020!

What a year we have had so far! It's great to have something to look forward to, and if you are anything like me, this is one of the things you have been looking forward to the most! The reveal of the Jo Malone London Christmas 2020 is almost upon us...

I stupidly didn't pick up on the fact that someone had given me the name of the new fragrance about a week ago! Other than this, there hadn't been any rumblings at all... Until earlier in the week when the new fragrance mysteriously appeared in a magazine publication. Following this, some photos began to circulate on social media, and one of my sources who has sent me some imagery before, shared some high quality photos.

So here for your pleasure, what we know about Christmas 2020 Jo Malone London style so far!

The first question is usually "what is the new Christmas fragrance?!" And the answer this year is the unusually named Midnight Musk & Amber. I have no details of the fragrance composition as yet, but adoring this etched glass bottle is a crystal/diamond cap - Hinting at this years theme (which is still under wraps at this point!)

The second question is always "Is Orange Bitters coming back this Christmas?!" - I'm reliably informed that yes it is! Ginger Biscuit/Store exclusive packaging has yet to be confirmed.

I've also seen some of the gift sets, all of which seem stylised in geometric shapes, almost looking like the facets of a diamond... It will certainly shine bright this year, while still remaining classic.

Lastly the candle news - Sweet Almond & Macaroon, Frosted Cherry & Clove, and Roasted Chestnut all come together is a super box-set trio - Matt black lids, set with a similar 'diamond design'

The full Christmas range is expected to launch mid-October. More news as I get it!

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