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2020 fragrances revealed.

September sees a new fragrance come to the main line - And I'm so excited to share what I have found out about this years release - Or I should say releases!

Yes this September sees two new fragrances! We of course seen two release recently with 2017's English Oak collection...But we've not had a cologne and cologne intense combo since 2008's Kohdo Wood collection. Yes that's right, this year we are reviving a cologne and cologne intense together!

Lets start by introducing the names - Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine, which is the cologne intense. They sound very intriguing, and like they would be delicious worn together.

The theme is said to be The Hanging Gardens of Babylon - So a lot to live up to with this being one of the seven wonders of the world! So I'm expecting greens, florals and opulence - And of course the Jo Malone whimsy we all love!

More details as I know more.

New Jo Malone 2020 Fig & Lotus Flower, Cypress & Grapevine

Please note this image was found online and is not owned by or taken by me.

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