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My thoughts on Silver Birch & Lavender.

My exploration of Lavenderland continues with the enigmatic Silver Birch & Lavender!

This is the one I was looking forward to trying the most, and it doesn't disappoint!

To me this explores the woody aspects of lavender, and wow does it back a punch! This is probably the strongest of the three colognes. A soap clean freshness, again aromatic, but a bracing wood note that could almost be overpowering... But the blending here with the lavender hits the sweet spot just right!

I adore this scent, more whilst wearing it then when I spritzed it in store. It lasted all day and was pleasing to the senses every time I caught an aura of it whilst going about my day!

My only criticism - I don't detect any grapefruit at all!

"Morning light across a rambling garden, framed by silver birch trees. The air fresh with a crisp coolness that cuts through the iconic scent of English lavender. Refreshed with a squeeze of grapefruit, grounded by woody, charismatic base of silver birch and a compelling note of roasted oak."

Silver Birch & Lavender contains top notes of grapefruit, a heart of English Lavender and a base of silver birch and roasted oak.

Silver Birch & Lavender is available now in 30ml cologne.

Silver Birch & Lavender special edition 2020

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