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Something oud, something new, something lunar, something blue!

Firstly I hope you all had a fantastic festive season! As is typical, there's nothing new for ages... And then it all comes at once! Here's a re-cap of the latest new additions to the Jo Malone London range;

Something Oud! Velvet Rose & Oud is a favourite amongst many fans, so they'll be delighted to hear that three new lines have recently been added to the collection. Velvet Rose & Oud can now be enjoyed as a diffuser for the home, a shower cream, or as a hair mist to add a romantic twist to your favourite cologne. The hair mist is infused with argan oil and vitamin B & E, adding shine as well as a sensual scent. Or enjoy in the shower with vitamin E enriched cleansing and conditioning ingredients, for a truly sumptuous showering experience!

Something New! Ok, so not brand new...I mentioned this in the news section of my blog a while ago, with an anticipated release date of mid-January. But Jo Malone London threw a curve-ball, and this actually hit stores on Boxing day! (26th December) Introducing Vetiver & Golden Vanilla! (continues after picture)

Jo Malone London Vetiver and Golden Vanilla cologne intense.

"The bounty of and island's two prized ingredients, entwined along Madagascar's vanilla-swept coastline. The earthy depths of native vetiver, warmed and enveloped in precious vanilla bourbon."

Cardamoms cool, green spice resonates with fresh grapefruit tea accord, revealing an earthy, woody, grassy and elegant heart of vetiver bourbon. Vanilla bourbon in the base adds a sensual warmth to envelope the vetiver - and the wearer!

I've only managed to try this on a blotter card so far. My initial thoughts where a sunny bright gourmand - Quite unusual, but there was something quite familiar about it... My mind didn't go to Myrrh & Tonka, but initial fan feedback is the drydown is very similar... I hope to try properly soon!

Official combination recommendations are; English Oak & Hazelnut - "A bracing woody combination. The warmth of roasted oak is enhanced with the richness of vetiver and spiced with cardamom." And Velvet Rose & Oud - "A woody floral combination. Smoky oud wood and rich, elegant vetiver add intensity to opulent rose."

Available now in 100 and 50ml bottles.

Special editions are always exciting, and January sees two delectable limited editions in designs sure tempt their way into your collection!

Something Lunar!

Jo Malone London Lunar New Year English Pear and Freesia limited edition

Celebrating the Lunar New Year, English Pear and Freesia gets decorated in rich red and finished off with gold. The colognes are embellished with a red leather charm, but the collection also includes a diffuser and candle. The official website only appears to be stocking the colognes, and I haven't seen where this is planned to be distributed... I really need to pop into a store soon!

Something Blue!

Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell limited edition

I'm equally delighted and upset by this next limited edition! Wild Bluebell is one of my top Jo Malone London fragrances, and I have a bottle from last year still waiting to be used...So I'm not quite sure I can justify getting another just for the special colouring... But this is exceptionally gorgeous! The above photo doesn't do it justice. Wild Bluebell online exclusive collection cologne and candle is a celebration in blue!

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