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Online exclusives, a haul

Firstly an apology for a disservice to my followers; The website recently had a free gift promotion that I didn't get a chance to post about... For anyone who didn't know, don't get too mad... The promotion this time wasn't the best, with many fans left disappointing that the only gifts on offer where 30mls or candles, with a spend of £100.

However did have my eye on the online exclusive miniature collection, and having recently fallen back in love with Woodsage & Sea Salt, I couldn't resist the online exclusive packaging in this years festive colours. My free gift was a 30ml Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

I don't usually cover the Christmas collection in any detail, as it's usually cut and pasted across the internet, but in case you haven't read elsewhere the online exclusive miniature collection is a pretty set of 5 x 9mls, with Nutmeg & Ginger, Orange Bitters, White Moss & Snowdrop, Rose & Magnolia and Vanilla & Anise.

Christmas is available online and in store now so take a look, whether you are gifting for loved ones, or treating yourself!

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