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Poppy & Barley: The return!

A great find on Steve's Jo Malone Facebook page, Chris shared the above image, showing Poppy & Barley in a regular bottle... We where unsure what this would mean - Is it coming to the Archive Collection? Is it coming to regular stores? Is it in place of a brand new fragrance for the year? No real confirmation, other than it is not an Archive collection scent and will be in stores! Jo Malone London have recently updated their website: "A new leading lady. Originally part of the limited-edition English Fields collection, Poppy & Barley has been plucked from the harvest and spun into a supersized badge of beauty. An inviting and colourful scent, returning soon."

Poppy & Barley was the stand out favourite of the English Fields collection, so this will delight many fans.

We usually see the new fragrance for the regular line in September, so I don't feel this will replace that. There has been no news on a new Poppy Delevingne collaboration, so maybe this will be the offering for June.

More news as it comes!

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