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Jo Malone free gift promotion!

Apologies for not posting this sooner - The offer went live on Friday, but it's been a busy weekend! I managed to grab a 100ml Grapefruit, with a purchase of the last Huntsman scent I needed (Assam & Grapefruit). The gifts up for grabs are all full sized, and have so far included 30ml and 100ml cologne, and home candles.

The 100mls seemed to go fast, but on previous promotions stock was added pretty much daily, so it's well worth checking out if you haven't already!

Instead of a grabber style game, this time you are invited to explore the rooms of the Jo Malone Townhouse. Picking up scent suggestions along the way, after checking out the second room, you are able to click a link to be allocate a gift to your shopping bag.

Would love to hear anything you managed to grab during the offer, which runs until the 31st May.