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Upcoming launches.

It's been a bit quiet in the world of Jo Malone London - Brilliant Blossoms followed Wild Flower and Weeds in quick succession... And then not much since...

We have had a collaboration with Fleur De Force - I was initially excited for this. The solid perfume hadn't particularly excited me that much, but a chance to obtain in some limited edition packaging piqued my interest. Sadly the collaboration is simply Fleur De Force picking two of her favourite scents, and the addition of an orange and pink drawstring bag.

I previewed the new Absolu fragrance, Violet & Amber in my look ahead to 2019. This has since shown up as a Harrord's exclusive - Set to his selected stores in September.

So now for the new new... Now sadly not any news on a new fragrance, but great news for me - Wild Bluebell will be returning as a home candle! Wild Bluebell is one of my all time favourites. I've long wished for this as a candle, and my wish has been granted! I'm not sure how long ago this was last available as a candle, but I'm clearly not the only one who has wanted this, as it's back - Sadly I'm not sure when at this stage, but will keep you updated!

I'm presuming launching at the same time, Peony & Blush Suede will be coming as a reed diffuser. Peony & Blush Suede is such a pretty, welcoming floral that this will be a perfect addition to the home. Sadly I have two cats, so I tend to steer clear of reed diffusers, but this has me tempted to find a suitable place to house one - Such a beautiful scent to invite people into your home I feel!

This bank holiday weekend I am aiming to update the fragrance directory section of my site, so keep your eyes on that!

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