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My thoughts on Nettle & Wild Achillea

The greenest and most 'outdoorsy' of the collection so far, the grassy green is a run through a freshly cut field! You can almost smell the sting of the nettle and it really takes me back to my child hood, summer holidays playing in the school fields! The ozone notes shift as the day goes on, transforming to a warmer, more welcoming experience. A cup of tea in the shade, a garden warmed by the bright sun. A very happy scent!

Top notes are Wild Achillea, Bergamot and Pink Pepper, a Heart of, Nettle, Lentisque and Violet. The base unfolds with Vetyver, Mate Leaf and White Musk.

Jo Malone London describe Nettle & Wild Achillea as: The tangy sting of nettle, peeking through pavement cracks and entwined with wild, white achillea flower. Sparkling with bright bergamot, the greenness softened by a soft base of white musk.

Nettle & Wild Achillea from Wild Flowers and Weeds

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