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My thoughts on Hemlock & Bergamot.

I remember being initially bewitched by Hemlock & Bergamot, that it was disappointing to not get much performance from this yesterday - after the initial burst of slightly leafy green, almost banana notes... I did not detected it on me at all! I don't know why or how this was, but I knew I had to give it another try. Thankfully today I am getting much better performance.

It's almost a double whammy - There is a brighter, sunnier tone that wafts to the nose I initially likened it to banana, but think this may be the combination of the top notes, particularly cucumber, blending with heliotrope, known for it's almond scent.

Beyond this is revealed a more personal, close to skin scent. A milky, sweet floral, that is perfectly balanced. And stronger this could be too heady.

A hazy walk through flower filled fields on a bright sunny day.

Hemlock & Bergamot is a bewitching combination of Bergmot, Cucumber and Birch Leaves on the top, Hemlock, Mimosa and Cassie at it's heart, with a base of Helitrope, Vanilla and White Musk.

The official description is: Hemlock's powdery petals, brightened with bergamot. A deadly, yet unexpectedly-delicate flower. Illuminated with golden mimosa and a floral flourish of heliotrope. Crisp and modern with a bite of cucumber.

Hemlock & Bergamot review

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