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Huntsman collection storage box.

A shout-out to Michael on the Job Malone Facebook group for posting pictures of the Huntsman gift box on a recent trip to the Regent Street store.

I love the Huntsman collection, and the box is just amazing!

I've had a poke around, and have found that this was made available on the Huntsman website for Valentine's Day.

It's not listed individually, but as a gift set with the four Huntsman scents. (Whiskey & Cedarwood, Amber & Patchouli, Birch & Black Pepper and Assam & Grapefruit)

It's priced at £580, which makes the case £100, which I didn't think was to bad, as it looks like a quality piece.

However I have heard its £480 from Jo Malone, making the storage box free!

I wish I knew about this sooner! I've been slowly adding the Huntsman set (third bottle arrived yesterday - haul post to follow!) and this would just look so stunning to display alongside my collection.

I have added some photos below from the Huntsman website.

Huntsman Jo Malone Coffret

Jo Malone Huntsman Coffret

Jo Malone x Huntsman display box

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