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Spring 2019 collection haul!

Wildflower & Weeds.

Ok so I know I'm a pretty rubbish 'blogger'... One thing that struck me is I probably need to post about my various hauls!

It's been a pretty busy February for me, despite supposed to be saving myself for the Wildflower & Weeds collection... But I'll start here as it's a brand new launch!

Wild Flower & Weeds in store display.

That's right - These are in store from TODAY! There has been a lot of mixed messages, I kept hearing it would be coming earlier (and they did launch last week in America) but nothing definitive. I then heard it will be coming Saturday, and at the last minute, today. So on my way into work this morning, I passed the store and saw that the display had been set up! So I used my flexi-time to leave work a little early today to pick up the collection!

Jo Malone classic bag.

As always, and as you'd expect from Jo Malone London, the service was exemplary. A nice chat with the stylist, and treated with a white chocolate and lemon truffle.

Though sadly my package didn’t come with the embellishments I’ve seen in other posts.

Wildflower & Weeds collection tin.

The bottles are all divine, five different distinctive designs, enveloping the equally exclusive scents. And the tin! a beautiful cherry on the top! I went for black as I felt it really made the floral print pop, but there is also a green or blue option. There is a small tin if you purchase two scents, or a larger tin for the purchase of five.

Wild Flower and weeds collection.

I managed to get a brief smell of each, and at this moment in time cannot pick out a favourite! It was a no brainer for me to get all five - The scents, the bottles and the tin where all irresistible to me. Thankfully I had a gift card and some vouchers to soften the blow!

The Wildflower & Weeds collection is a real celebration of the Great British riverways, the plants that grow by them and then come together to take you on a journey through the different facets of spring.

I'll aim to properly try out one fragrance a day, and write about how I get on with them as I go. I'd also love to hear your thoughts, either comment below, or post something in the forum!

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