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A look in to 2019.

Firstly my apologies for being a month overdue with this post! There has been some great new launches already, as well as some great info about what is coming next! I'll try to be better at posting information as I find it, work/life balance permitting!

January -

The new cologne intense arrived a little earlier than usual this year - Bronze Wood & Leather arrived at the very start of the year, and has been another very divisive fragrance from Jo Malone London! I've yet to purchase it - I actually do love the fragrance, but I don't find it very wearable; it is just like a brand new leather jacket! However, as base fragrance, it's makes for some amazing combinations. Official line is to combine with Myrrh & Tonka or English Oak & Redcurrant., but Grapefruit has also been recommended. The team in my local store like it with Peony & Blush Suede "A leather jacket thrown over a pretty dress". During and in store event I paired it with Wood Sage & Sea Salt - A dark and stormy walk across a beach at midnight. Marie Salamagne with Celine Roux have combine a top note of grapefruit, a heart of juniper and smoke, and a base of leather and vetiver to invite the imagination to take a walk in the woods on a misty day...

Sadly we wave goodbye to Orris & Sandalwood and Incense & Cedrat.

Oh and not to forget the release of Myrrh & Tonka candle and body creme!

Jo Malone London Bronze Wood & Leather

Promotional image.

January also saw the release of birthstone caps in collaboration with Karen Elson and designed and made by jeweller Duffy. Initially highly coveted - The art deco effect caps would make a glamours addition to your favourite bottle... However when the bronze lid embedded with cubic zirconia was revealed to cost £250, it understandably enraged fans.

Promotional image.

The shocker of the month was the release of the fragrance combining palette!

Press where excited at the prospect of an 'affordable' way in to the Jo Malone London brand... However the palette itself is £24, with each solid fragrance to add to it £14, or £16 for cologne intense. So not a cheap outlay - But once you have the palette, it is going to be cheap to maintain. So far fragrance available are: Oud & Bergamot, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Mimosa & Cardamom, Basil & Neroli, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Peony & Blush Suede, Blackberry & Bay, Pomegranate Noir and English Pear & Freesia.

Jo Malone London solid perfume combining palette

Promotional image.