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Limited edition Spring 2019

Jo Malone London Spring 2019 collection Wildflower and weeds

I know I know... I've been a bit quiet recently... I've been super busy at the moment, but I just had to share this find from Steve's brilliant Facebook group. Thanks to Daniya and Ongart for sharing!

Here it is, the reveal for the limited edition spring 2019 collection - Wildflower and weeds!

As always the Spring collection is Jo Malone London's trend collection - Tapping in to the hot themes for the year - Expect wildflowers to feature next year in home decor, weddings, etc! I personally think the bottles look stunning - I'd maybe wish for coloured lids... Traditionally the spring collection doesn't translate as well in photos as it does in person -So I can only imagine how glorious these will actually look! As has become the norm over the last few years, the collection will feature 5 brand new scents in 30mls, all created by Yann Vasnier and Louise Turner. Cade & Cedarwood: The smouldering embers of a wood-burning stove at nightfall. Basking in the warm and comforting glow of cade, its smoky scent mingled with cedarwood and complemented by a mouth-watering hint of sensual vanilla. Hemlock & Bergamot: Hemlock s powdery petals, brightened with bergamot. A deadly, yet unexpectedly-delicate flower. Illuminated with golden mimosa and a floral flourish of heliotrope. Crisp and modern with a bite of cucumber. Lupin & Patchouli: Reminiscent of canal banks, awash with colour. A rainbow of lupin flowers, enriched by luxurious rose and deepened with rebellious patchouli. A surprising contrast with the fresh vibrancy of mandarin. Nettle & Wild Achillea: The tangy sting of nettle, peeking through pavement cracks and entwined with wild, white achillea flower. Sparkling with bright bergamot, the greenness softened by a soft base of white musk. Willow & Amber: The expressive weeping willow, gently draping across the fresh morning water. Captured in the woody pairing of cashmere wood and smoky vetiver, enhanced by softly sensual amber.

Official launch date is 25th February, although I have recently been informed these could hit shelves from the 15th...!

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