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The scents of Cyprus

Don't wont to bore you all, and perhaps you have already seen this on my Instagram... But thought I would pop a few Jo Malone related pics from my recent holiday to Cyprus. Please don't think I'm bragging - It's been over ten years since I'd last be abroad, and will probably be another ten before it happens again! But I was there for a very special reason - My sisters wedding!

First up is Tropical Cherimoya - Perfect by the poolside, relaxing with a waft of tropical flowers and being able to top up between trips to the pool or a dip in the sea. This has been my first time using this - I purchased it especially to take on holiday. The scent was lovely - Really was the scent of a sunny holiday. Sadly I didn't feel it 'misted' very well - I would have preferred a wider spray range. But other than this I really loved to use it.

For the wedding day itself, I used a base of Grapefruit, and added Red Roses. It worked remarkably well! A smoky woody scent with a hint of seduction, made innocent with a touch of fruit and pretty floral notes. I also took a 9ml of Incense & Cedrat and Tuberose Angelica and rotated the combinations across the week. Each of these where surprisingly complimentary. I'd recommend giving them a try!

And lastly, a little look at the Jo Malone London counter at Larnaca airport. We where travelling back at 1am, so no one around sadly, but it did have everything on display to look around. Nothing anything different from our UK stores, though they did still have the Hot Blossoms collection available to buy.