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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So... I've been sitting on a couple of pics for the Jo Malone 2018 Christmas campaign for a while now... Firstly I've been waiting for a second source who hasn't been able to come through as yet... Secondly I feel a bit bad... This years campaign has been shrouded in mystery and part of me doesn't want to betray this... BUT... These images purely confirm information we already know - A return to a more decedent, classic vibe "Sparkle and Shine", but in a typical Jo Malone tasteful way...

So below is a mock up window display, and a picture of the new launch for Christmas 2018 White Moss & Snowdrop. I've been told this smells like a traditional vintage Christmas and is proving a hit with those lucky enough to have already tried it.

The bottle of White Moss and Snowdrop looks pretty unexciting... But if you look at the window display, you'll get a better view of how special it is - The glass is actually iridescent. The rest of the cologne bottles are regular... Although spot the gorgeous looking Pomegranate Noir Christmas edition! More details as I find them! The source of these images has asked to remain anonymous.

Jo Malone London 2018 Window display

White Moss & Snowdrop Jo Malone Christmas 2018

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