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Honeysuckle & Davana

Jo Malone London Honeysuckle & Davana sample

Today I popped by my local John Lewis to check and see if they had a Honeysuckle & Davana tester, to get a try of the this new addition. It was to my absolute shock and gratitude that they presented me with a sample vial.  I cannot present this write up as a review - For me, you have to experience a fragrance over a number of days in variety of settings to truly capture how it feels to you. But I wanted to give my thoughts on this upcoming launch. I greedily spritzed the vial on my wrist and was hit with a sweet floral - I waved my arm around to rush to the dry down - A sophisticated floral, but, and the theme certainly seems to be contradictions with this fragrance, there was something 'darker' lurking underneath.  This floral felt classic, traditional; almost familiar... Yet manages to be modern and unique. Honeysuckle & Davana certainly has an addictive quality - I could not stop smelling my wrist, enjoying further contradictions of dark and light, sweet and dirt... Sunshine and rain?

The scent lasted all day, and even whilst taking my bath, the spot on my left wrist continued to emanate it's glory. After my bath I used the vial to spritz over myself like I would my daily cologne. Immediately I was transported to a walk through a garden of a grand stately home, it's well kept gardens curated with flowers that give up their sweet scent in the warm heat of the sun. And then rain! A note comes through that changes the landscape completely. But after the rain comes the sun again, the floral notes prevail, as does the sweetness, but now an almost ozone, mineralistic quality makes this feel like flowers after the rain. Around three hours after applying, the sun is still shining down, the rain has paved way to leave a clean, crisp freshness, that is delicately sweetened with a powdery floral on top an earthiness. This is possibly the truest representation of a British summer you can get!  Honeysuckle & Davana is a fragrance by Anne Flipo, who was behind The Herb Garden collection, Basil & Neroli and Star Magnolia. Top notes are the sweet, herbaceous davana and the fruity, green notes of rose oxide. The heart contains a trio of florals. The titular honeysuckle, sweet and heady is joined by the fruity osmanthus and sweet but metallic neroli. At it's base is earthy moss and patchouli.

Honeysuckle and Davana will hit stores in September and will be avaiable in 30ml, 100ml and a home candle.

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