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A visit to Regent Street!

So yesterday I bit the bullet! I travelled up to London for the day, by myself, to visit the Regent Street Boutique. This may not seem like a big thing - And I kind of don't know why it is. In my younger years (!) I used to travel, including to London, to go to gigs quite regularly. I'd never even worry about accommodation for the night, trusting I'd meet fellow fans who would put me up on the sofa for an evening...

Yet here I am, over ten years later, suffering anxiety just travelling to visit my parents by bus (a mere 40 miles away!) So when I got the idea in my head to pop to London to pick up some more of the Queen of Pop collection (And exchange a couple I already had that arrived damaged) I was really torn - And it took me an age to book my coach ticket, as I just couldn't see myself going through with it... But I did, and thankfully on the day I didn't feel to anxious, and although the prospect of a four and a half hour trip there wasn't the most pleasing thing to wake up early for, I had enough excitement to not suffer my usual anxiety.

Needless to say I had an amazing day! Find out how it went after the photo!

I was having so much fun I forgot to take any photos! The stylist very kindly took some later in the evening and sent them on to me!

One of my initial reasons for wanting to go was my purchase of Amber & Lavender and Peony & Blush Suede arrived with damaged labels. Not something I'd usually be too fussy about as I buy my colognes to wear and enjoy. But as these where limited edition bottles that I also want to display, it was disappointing. The stylist I saw was beyond helpful and was able to exchange these for me: But shock horror - Amber & Lavender had sold out! After a nervous moment, another stylist managed to find the last one!

After picking up some other Queen of Pop items, I introduced myself to the Stylist who found the Amber & Lavender, who I recognised from the Jo Malone Facebook page. (I wont mention her name - I'd hate to be responsible for people randomly showing up! Not that you wont get great service, but It was lucky I arrived on a day that wasn't overly busy) She immediately took me under her wing for a hand and arm massage and a glass of prosecco! I got to see a few different formulations of bath and shower products - It's really surprising how they differ slightly from the colognes, but work for their format - For example the Black Cedarwood & Juniper seems much sweeter as a bubble bath. We had a lovely gossip as I got my massage, talked about our favourite combinations and how we like to layer and I learnt many tips. I was spoilt with a few decants of new things to try and favourites in formulations I had yet to try.

A visit to Regent Street isn't complete without a look at the Archive collection. As always the choice is slightly overwhelming, but I now own three - Two from my visit last year and Vintage Gardenia, which has been available from most stores. So the list was narrowed slightly... Of course all Jo Malone London fragrances are unique in their own right, but I want something completely different, and Black Vetyver Cafe really stood out. A dark, almost syrupy, rich smoky wood. I finished this off with a black lid.

Then my next part of being spoilt - They had a black box embossed with a metallic pink duck; a perfect companion to the Queen of Pop collection. So I was really fortunate to be able to get this box for my Black Vetyver Cafe. As I say, I had an amazing time - Jo Malone London customer service is always exemplary, I've never been let down by any store I've visited (though special mention to my local concession in John Lewis!!!) but yesterday was really extra special. For photos of my purchases check out my INSTA FEED page, or go straight to my Instagram page!

And below is a selection of some of the photos sent on from the Stylist.

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