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Junes Fragrance of the Month - Tropical Cherimoya.

Ok Ok, I've been a bit slack updating what I've been wearing each month (April was Garden Lillies and May was Wild Bluebell) but I'm back at it for June.

For June I chose Tropical Cherimoya - A slight deviation from my plan, but a new launch and a summer scent was too tempting to resist. (My original plan was to wear Poppy & Barley, but i'll bump this to July...)

My initial thoughts when I first sprayed this in store was a bit 'meh' - Nothing remarkable or stand out, but pleasant enough. But as the day went on I did notice hits of something I really enjoyed.

Fast forward to June, and having worn daily now for two weeks, my opinion hasn't changed immensely. I think this is because I usually favour citrus fragrances for summer - or at the least something juicy and fruity. This lacks this somehow and a much warmer, almost gourmand scent. A friend really likes this aspect and it feels very summery to them, picking up a coconut note. Personally I don't pull any coconut, but I do heavily pull the Tonka Bean. Maybe reminiscent of summer nights rather than something for me to wear on a hot sunny day.

This said, where this fragrance has really come in to it's own is the balmier days we have been having - Thick summer air on the verge of rain. This scent has matched this kind of weather and has really come in to it's own, and given me a new sense of appreciation for it.

By coincidence, whilst wearing this today I received so may compliments, proving it's throw and durability, which some have felt lacking from this cologne.

I definitely describe Tropical Cherimoya a grower rather than an instant classic, and although I wont mourn it's loss too hard when it's discontinued (Tropical Cherimoya is a limited edition, an has already been taken down from Jo Malone London online store) I will enjoy continuing to wear for the remainder of June.

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