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Jasmine Sambac & Marigold - In stores now!

As previously mentioned - I have been a little neglectful of this 'blog'... However I did reveal this new fragrance a few months ago on my Facebook page. It feels right to create a post about it now, as it has just hit the shelves of Jo Malone London stockists!

Celine Roux had this to say about the latest Cologne Intense launch: "Jasmine is famous in perfumery. The question was, how could we do it in a Jo Malone London way? We travelled to India in search of jasmine sambac – the queen of all jasmine. Combined with the unexpected notes of marigold, it became a warm and addictive floral fragrance. Perfect for Cologne Intense." Alongside jasmine sambac and marigold, you'll also find notes of honey and vanilla for a warmer base, and ylang ylang which I feel adds a sensual touch.

I can't fully review this fragrance yet, as I've yet to experience it in full. My initial thoughts from trying in store on a blotter card are mixed... It's initial burst reminded me very much of Vintage Gardenia - A grown up floral with an edge of sophistication. I enjoyed it, but not immediately wowed by it. However it's dry down was much more exciting to me - The vanilla and honey shine, but not in an obviously foodie way, and there is enough of a floral edge to keep it interesting. Check in with your nearest Jo Malone London stockist - They will be doing events to celebrate this new launch, I'm heading to one next week and can't wait to get a fuller experience, and see how it develops on my skin. Fans of fragrance combining, Jo Malone London recommend Wood Sage & Sea salt, or Myrrh and Tonka, but as always half the fun is finding your own combination! Jasmine Sambac & Marigold is available in store an online now! £75 for 50mls or £115 for 100mls.

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