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In loving memory of Rogue.

I started this blog/site with the best of intentions... I simply wanted to start a site I would like to read, centred around one of my passions. The last few months of 2017 was a little bit of a struggle for various reasons... After a lovely family Christmas, things seemed to be on the up!

And then we had the worst start to 2018. Our beautiful boy Rogue was tragically taken from us - We received the phone call on New Years day.

Our beautiful Rogue.

Add to this illness and other personal factors, updating this site was at the bottom of my list to do. Fast forward a month, we felt Gambit needed a companion - So we added Storm to our family (And yes - they have all been named after members of the X-men, I'm unashamedly a Jo Malone loving geek!)

Storm - She really is a whirlwind!

Integrating a new kitten, family and personal illness have all kept me away... I'm hoping now we might get a better run of luck, and I'll be able to make this is in to the site I want it to be - Jo Malone London have just launched the fantastic English Fields collection, and there are a few new and returning fragrances just around the corner...

And it would be wrong to not include a picture of Gambit!