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2018 retrospective.

So here we are a New Year! A lot to look forward to - Look out soon for my look ahead for 2019. But for now, I thought I would take a look back over 2018. An exciting time for new launches, re-releases and a touch of the unexpected!

Spring sees the release of the limited edition collection, the last few years being made up of 5 x 30mls. This years collection came in February and was entitled English fields, a collection inspired by the English countryside. Mathilde Bijaoui fulfilled the brief in full, creating a celebration of oats, grains, blooms, meadows and fruits. The five fragrances consisted of Green wheat & Meadowsweet, Honey & Crocus, Oat & Cornflower, Poppy & Barley and Primrose & Rye, all encased in pastel coloured ceramic bottles.

Early in to the New Year we tend to see a new cologne intense, and this March saw the arrival of Jasmine Sambac & Marigold. Always looking to push boundaries, Jasmine Sambac & Marigold was designed as a way to do jasmine, a famous note in perfumery, the Jo Malone London way. Jasmine Sambac & Marigold was a collaboration between Celine Roux and Mathilde Bijaoui. Sadly this is one I haven't taken to, but generally this has been a very well received fragrance.

April was blossom mad, with the launch of a new cologne, a body mist, and the re-release of three favourite blossoms. Tropical Cherimoya, the new cologne lives up to it's name, bursting with tropical fruits, sun-infused flowers and warm resins. Cattleya Flower body mist, equally tropical, this lightweight but luxurious mist was designed to be your beach companion. Joining the two new fragrances where re-releases from various discontinued blossoms - 2011's Sakura Cherry Blossom, 2012's Plum Blossom and 2016's Nashi Blossom. These where collectively called 'Blossom Girls' (the advertising campaign attributing each fragrance to a particular personality) and where packaged in vibrant neon colours.

In June Poppy Delevingne once again teamed up with Jo Malone London, to add a twist to some of her favourite fragrances. The Queen of Pop collection used bright colours, alongside circles and stripes, for a fun twist to the classic packaging.

The collection contained three 30ml colognes (Amber & Lavender, Peony & Blush Suede and Red Roses) three home candles (Basil & Neroli, Blackberry & Bay and Grapefruit) and brand new for this collection, three bubble baths (Black Cedarwood & Juniper, Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Velvet Rose & Oud)

These came with a rubber duck in the same styling, and if you where lucky enough to get from the Regent Street Boutique, there was also a matching box and ribbon.

June also saw the release of Jo Malone London's first Absolu (A process where there fragrance is extracted with a solvent, rather than the more typical steam distillation. This means a more concentrated fragrance note) Rose & White Musk; A contrast between roses, fresh with morning dew in an English garden, and the heat of the Arabian desert. Exclusive to Harrods and online, this release has a rather steep price tag of £200.

I can't give a full opinion on this, as I have not worn it... But from a spritz in store, (It was in the Regent Street Flagship Boutique on my last visit) despite it sounding like it was hand made for me (I LOVE rose in a fragrance, and love a musky note too!) I didn't feel it justified the price.

July saw the launch of Lime Basil & Mandarin Body & Hair Oil, and a new advertising campaign asking us to #declareyourscent, and offered a free bag with a 100ml fragrance. Selfridges also offered an exclusive yellow cap, available to purchase for £4 with any 100ml.

I'm very proud and very privileged to work in an NHS mental health Trust, so it really touches me that Jo Malone "shine a light" on mental health every year with the release of their charity candle, with profits going to mental health charities. July saw the return of White Lilac & Rhubarb in candle form, and the other two London Bloom fragrances (Peony & Moss and Iris & Lady Moore.) stick around to stay.

August saw a refresh of the Archive collection, exclusively available at the London Regent Street Boutique. A few left the collection, a few stayed and we saw many new arrivals. The collection currently comprises of: Elderflower & Gooseberry Geranium & Verbena Ginger Biscuit Lavender & Coriander Leather & Artemisia Peony & Moss Rain & Angelica Sweet Lemon Tobacco & Mandarin Tudor Rose & Amber