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New Launch; The English Oak collection.

The 28th August sees the addition of two brand new fragrances to the Jo Malone London range; English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak & Redcurrant.

Promotional image from Vogue.

English Oak & Hazelnut is described as "Earthy, enticing and enchanting, this is a seductive number. There is a warmth and softness from the combination of oak, cedar wood and hazelnut which creates a fresh and sensual scent." The top note is green hazelnut, a heart of cedar, finished with a base of roasted oak absolute.

English Oak & Redcurrant is described as "Bright, bewitching and embracing, there is a real romance to this scent. Use of the fruit and subtle floral notes alongside roasted oak, creates a Fairytale fragrance." With a top note of redcurrant, a heart of a rose and base of roasted oak absolute.

My thoughts after the image.

Image taken for my Instagram.

Please note my opinion is based on being able to get a spritz on each wrist at my local Jo Malone London concession. I don't own these so can't give a true representation of how they perform when worn as I usually would.

But I am in love and eagerly await them!

The problem is choosing between the two. They obviously share a base note, so there is a familiarity, a synergy between the two, but they are two very different fragrances.

I first experienced them on Sunday and was drawn more towards English Oak & Hazelnut. Mysterious and sensual, it's the heart of a magical forest at sunset after a rainstorm. An addictive quality, I couldn't stop revisiting this scent by sniffing my wrist throughout the day.

It oozes strength and confidence, without being brash or invasive. I really feel this will be my signature autumnal fragrance....


... I popped in again today to refresh my memory before writing my blog, and today English Oak and Redcurrant stood out more for me. On Sunday the fruit note seemed very understated, but today it was at the forefront for me. This added an extra dimension, ripe fruit from the forest trees at sunrise, still magical and mysterious, but perhaps slightly more whimsical. This is almost day to English Oak and Hazelnut's night (Though I feel both would be suited to day and/or night wear), complimentary but both able to stand alone.

These really are two exciting fragrances and I genuinely adore both of them. I hope you get an opportunity to pop to a Jo Malone London store or stockist and try them out, and do please let me know what you think.

Both will come in 30ml and 100ml Colognes, and English Oak & Redcurrant will also be available in a shower gel, body creme and a home candle.

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