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Fragrance retirement news.

I'd heard rumblings of the latest fragrances to be leaving the core range of Jo Malone London fragrances... But the beautiful Sinead recently confirmed on my Facebook page:(You can join the gossip here: Nutmeg & Ginger and White Jasmine & Mint will soon be discontinued!

Sadly to make room for new fragrances, we have to wave goodbye to others from the range, and the new launches sound rather exciting: English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak and Redcurrant. Look out for more detailed on these soon. If Nutmeg & Ginger and/or White Jasmine & Mint happen to be favourites, now might be the time to top up your collection. I'm tempted to a grab Nutmeg & Ginger bath oil, and possibly even some White Jasmine & Mint cologne... I have the bath oil and candle and although not one I'd choose to wear on it's own, I bet it is great combined with some others - Might have to experiment in John Lewis tomorrow!

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