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September 21, 2020

February 18, 2020

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The Jo Malone London archive.

July 7, 2017

As mentioned in my introductory blog post, I recently went on holiday to London, with one of my 'things to do' being to visit the Regent street store to have a delve into the archive collection!


If you've not come across this before, the archive collection is a set of previously discontinued fragrances, bought back especially for the Regent street store in London.
The collection is typically composed of 10 fragrances, but at the time I went (Monday 3rd July 2017) there where 3 that had just been added, taking the total to 13. These fragrances where:

Assam & Grapefruit
Birch & Black Pepper
Black Vetyver cafe
Elderflower & Gooseberry
Ginger Biscuit
Iris & Ladymoore
Jasmine & Honeysuckle
Peony & Moss
Silk Blossom
Sweet Lemon
Vanilla & Anise
Vintage Gardenia
White Lilac & Rhubarb


I was OVERWHELMED. Just so much to take in. I mentioned Danielle the amazing stylist who assisted me - She really was a gem. I've come to expect great customer service from Jo Malone, but she truly was exemplary. I actually ended up leaving the store with nothing (other than a few samples she gave me after a lengthy discussion about layering and our favourite combinations) I just could not narrow it down - If I had the money I could easily have taken all 13!
I'm not saying all 13 scents where amazing - Some weren't personally to my taste in a fragrance, but these scents just feel extra special due to their exclusivity - Something to stand proud in your collection. 


I spent the day deliberating and returned the following day to my narrowed down choices, adding their exclusive coloured caps to make them further stand out in my collection.

The two I went for where:


Peony & Moss.
I fell in love with this fragrance last year, when it was re-released as their annual charity candle (And good news - They've bought it back again this year along side Iris & Ladymoore)
This one I had to spritz on myself since I coveted it so much, although as I'd only previously smelt this as a candle I had my reservations. I'd fallen in love with the candle and I wasn't sure I wanted to smell like the candle. (Don't get me wrong, I love scenting my home with my favourite fragrance in candle form, but this just felt the wrong way round...)
The initial spritz was exactly like the candle; a hit of peony with a little something lurking behind it (This fragrance is after all described as 'the dainty and the dirty'!). But I still couldn't shake how much I loved the candle.
Throughout the day I continued to revisit the area I had spritzed and it was heaven - peony was still evident, but there was now a much more earthy tone. A floral with attitude!
I finished off my bottle with a red lid.

Ginger Biscuit.

This is one of fragrances I was most excited to see in the archive collection. The idea intrigued me. Who would want to smell of ginger biscuits? I spritzed the blotter card and instantly hit with the most true to life scent of... Ginger biscuits! Well to be more precise homemade ginger biscuits - The way only Grandma can make them! A novelty fragrance I thought. But the smell was somehow addictive and I had to have another smell. The initial home made ginger biscuit had taken a bit of a back seat, and I was now greeted with gingery warm caramel. I can't do a description justice, it will never sound like it is designed to be worn as a fragrance but instead poured over a desert... But trust me it works perfectly. I wore this on my return home. Ginger Biscuit had a brilliant throw of fragrance with extreme staying power - I could still smell it the next day.
I finished off my bottle with a pale gold lid.


Fragrances in the archive collection are £92 for 100mls and coloured lids are £4. And available exclusively from Jo Malone London Regent Street store, however they will ship these fragrances out. Contact them on 03701925021 for more details.





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