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A little story about me and my love for Jo Malone London...

I can't remember exactly when I'd heard of Jo Malone London. It was a brand I was aware of, but being from the South West and had never come across a store or concession. Plus, I perceived it to be expensive, which was further confirmed by a work colleague who had received a giant-sized Jo Malone London candle. And in fact, the way they spoke about it not only made me feel the brand was expensive, but actually rather pretentious!

So, in my adult life, having moved to a city, when the John Lewis installed a Jo Malone concession, I didn't go anywhere near it.

All that changed just over a year ago. One of the fragrance houses I enjoyed had just launched a new fragrance and I popped in to John Lewis to have a spritz. It was nice enough but not what I had hoped. Dilemma! I actually did need a new fragrance and the one I had banked on just wasn't cutting it.

I'm sure you can guess where this is heading - I of course popped to the Jo Malone counter. Not to buy anything you understand, just for curiosity and inspiration.

It was like being a child in a sweetshop - Each fragrance was memorizing - smelling exactly like its namesake yet revealing something deeper. I fell increasingly in love with each smell. Oh no what had I started!

By this point a stylist came over. Here we go, she'll try to lure me in with her pushy sales trying to force me into leaving with a scent in all its formats including a giant candle.

I couldn't have been any more wrong - A friendly general chat, an exploration of what scents I like and some recommendations. All extremely genuine and non-salesy or forced.

And then my second dilemma. I fell in love with the newest launch, Black Cedarwood & Juniper. Like head over heels in love. It managed to encapsulate everything I wanted and loved in a fragrance, whilst being like nothing I'd ever smelt before. I enjoyed a few other fragrances, each one amazing, but then I came to Lime Basil & Mandarin. And there I was again utterly in love. How would I choose between the two?

Well long story short, (maybe I'll elaborate on this another time) I ended up buying both. (My justification was one for day and night!)

And then when I thought the experience couldn't have been any better, they proceeded to gift wrap my purchase. I was mesmerised - from the tissue paper, the box, the finishing ribbon and the bag. This just made the brand feel extra special - and not an air of superficial.

Fast forward a year and my collection has grown considerably and led me to set up a little Facebook page for me and my friends that also love Jo Malone fragrances.

Then this week I went on a holiday to London, with a shopping trip especially to see the Regent Street store (I'll talk about this in another blog). I was assisted by the amazing Danielle (I hope I have her name right!). She was utterly amazing, we had a great chat about Jo Malone London and we talked about my Facebook page. I think she thought I meant a blog... But her kind words about my passion for the brand made me realise - I need to do a blog!

So here we are! I have never blogged, I don't really do social media (I just about get Facebook!) but I do have a passion for Jo Malone London, verging on obsession and I kind of think documenting this will be fun.

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