Instead of relying on a 'blog' - I thought I'd create a news page - a one stop place to round up all the latest news, rumors and gossip!

February 2021
The Blooms collection will be the first to hit this year (blog post to follow) with the Brit collection following later in the year. News is still pretty sparse... But I am hearing a return to a 5 scent collection, taking it's inspiration from Jam! Blackberry & Bay is all but confirmed, with a possibility of Elderflower & Gooseberry making a return for this collection. This leaves the potential for 3 brand new fragrances to complete the collection.
More details to follow!

June 2020
Two new fragrances are set to join the main line in September - Fig & Lotus Flower, as well as a new Cologne Intense - Cypress & Grapevine! More details to follow!

January 2020

So we've just had confirmation of the 'Spring' collection, now it's start to look at Summer! I'm hearing a Korean vibe will adorn the bottles, with updated packaging for Silk Blossom, Osmanthus Blossom and Orange Blossom and TWO new additions; Lotus Blossom and Yuzu Blossom!

Update: See blog post for latest news! Further to the news on the next spring collection, rumors strongly suggest this years spring collection will consist of 3 x 100ml instead of 5 x 30ml.
Lavender & Coriander is all but confirmed, but the other two scents remain a mystery!
It's also currently unknown what the bottles will look like (I'm hoping for illustrated bottles like the London Blooms collection) or if there will be matching boxes, paper bags or ribbons.

November 2019
Two juicy bits of news have been flying around as gossip for a little while, but as it's coming from a few different sources now, it's sounding pretty reliable:

Next Cologne Intense - Usually hits in the new year, Expect a modern take Vanilla, as it's mixed with Vetiver in a fragrance rumoured to be called Veitver & Golden Vanilla.

The next 'Brit' collection is sounding like it will be a celebration of lavender! In case you are worried about connotations of old ladies, just remember how beautiful Lavender & Coriander was from the Herb Garden Brit collection... Oh and this is heavily rumoured to be returning for this collection too!

July 2019

As reported previously, Poppy & Barley is making a welcome return... However it's sounding more an more likely that this will be in place of a brand new launch for September.

It appears the next Absolu has been revealed: Gardenia & Oud. 

We're also expecting another 'mens' collection. It's uncertain if this is a brand new collaboration, or another pairing with Huntsman.

More on the above as it comes in!

May 2019

As you can read here, Poppy & Barley will be making a surprise return very soon. However with the good, comes the bad... It is looking likely that Amber & Lavender will be leaving the collection...

I first heard of the possibility of Jo Malone car fragrance last summer on a trip to London, but it was just a minute hint it didn't really register at the time!
Details are still scarce, but it's looking pretty certain that the range will be expanded to include a device that clips to the air vent to disperse scent throughout the car!


February 2019

OK - so a lot of things have happened since I was last able to update the site!
Obviously we have seen the launch of Bronze Wood & Leather - Sadly we will be losing Orris & Sandalwood and Incense & Cedrat. Official paring suggestions have been Myrrh & Tonka or English Oak & Redcurrant. Grapefruit is also recommended, and the team in my local store have been loving it with Peony & Blush Suede. I attended an in store event, and enjoyed it with Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

The end of last year I was advised of a new way to use Jo Malone London was coming, unlike anything the brand has done before. Information was scarce, but then out of nowhere the new solid perfumes where announced! The seemingly entry level way to experience Jo Malone London was slightly undermined by the realisation the empty pallet to house the scents are £24... Withe the solid fragrances themselves being £14 or £16 for cologne intense. After the initial outlay of at least £52, the cost will be cheaper to maintain, and great for those who want a way to top up on the go.

I have recently been informed that the Wildflower & Weeds launch has been brought forward (again) to 15th February, which is ten days sooner than the latest information indicated. Either way, the collection looks stunning, and with the announcement of a limited edition tin to house the collection, this collection cannot come soon enough!

And lastly, as we are desperately looking ahead to warmer weather - Summer will see the launch of Frangipani Blossom. To add to the excitement, Star Magnolia and Silk Blossom will return, as well as new packaging for Orange Blossom. This year we will also see Candles, Reed Diffusers and Hair Mists in the new packaging. (Pastel bottle lids and transparent corresponding glass)

20th November:
I am as yet unsure to what capacity (Though it seems most likely that these will be additions to the Archive collection) but 2019 will see the return of 4 favourites:
Blue Agava & Cacao
Wild Fig & Cassis
Nutmeg & Ginger
Verbenas of Provence

10th October:
January sees the launch of a brand new Cologne Intense - Bronze Wood & Leather! The name is all I know so far - More news as it comes in!
Not sure if I've mentioned elsewhere, but we will also see an expansion of the offerings for Myrrh & Tonka, with the addition of a candle and body creme.

Christmas snippets have been dotted throughout my 'blog'. I haven't posted anything on the official press release - I didn't want to regurgitate the work of other bloggers or news outlets. I've chosen the one I thought was best to take a peek at if you haven't already - Check out HERE 

In my absence, we have seen the Huntsman collection hit selected Jo Malone boutiques and Huntsman Savile Row - Though sadly a UK exclusive. These are also available from their respective websites.

July 24th:
The rumour mill is really spinning this week - A fabulous Facebook page run by Steve Harris (Just search for Jo Malone) has had some juicy nuggets shared by it's members, covering an update to the Archive collection and Christmas.

As it's still only July, lets look at the Archive collection first!

August 23rd will see an overhaul of The Archive collection. There is still a bit of conflicting information, with initial reports of ten new scents and five being discontinued, but other reports of the collection returning to only ten scents in total (there are currently thirteen Archive fragrances).
So far the following has been suggested:
Leather & Artemisia
Lavender & Corriandor
Tudor Rose & Amber
Silk Blossom
Sweet Lemon
Birch & Black Pepper
Black Vetyver Cafe

It sounds as if some will become available online - But sadly, apparently we will not be seeing the return of Blue Agava & Cacao :(

A big thanks to Chris, Michael and Leonard for sharing their findings.

Next the C word! It's still 5 months away, but maybe not too soon to get excited - Especially when it comes to Jo Malone!
Willeo reports a Jo Malone Christmas is set to be white, silver and gold. Along with some limited edition sets and packaging, once again Jo Malone will have Christmas all wrapped up.

July 4th:
Selfrdiges are stocking a limited edition bright yellow cap for £4. There is a slight catch - You have to buy a 100ml cologne to be able to purchase this.

July 2nd:
Monday saw the launch of Lime Basil & Mandarin body and hair oil, as well as the new charity candle, White Lilac and Rhubarb.
It was also the launch of their new advertising campaign #declareyourscent, with striking visuals both in-store and online.
Free promotional bag with 100ml cologne.

June 20th:

Confirmed - July will see the addition of a new fragrance to the Archive collection, available exclusively at Jo Malone London Boutique on Regent Street. It's rumored to be Blue Agava & Cacoa!

June 13th:
Rumor- Still a rumor at this point, but still plenty of time to confirm... Jo Malone will be expanding their Christmas offering even further, with some online exclusives this year.

Highly likely - The ‘online exclusive’ Necterine Blossom & Honey shower oil, will soon be launching instores! Not sure on full distribution, but I’m reliably informed it is hitting John Lewis counters.

Confirmed- New for Summer, look out for Lime Basil & Mandarin in a hair and body oil! £42