Leather & Artemisisa

From The Bloomsbury Set Collection

Release date:


Created by:
Yann Vasnier.

Described by Jo Malone London:
"The striking green facets of anise-tinged absinthe blend with aromatic artemisia, soft orriswood and the deep richness of leather enhanced by the amber woody notes of Cypriol."

Top:Absinthe, Artemisia
Base: Leather, Cyproil

The story:

Inspired by the free spirited artists
of the Bloomsbury set,
a collection of scents capturing
the intoxicating essence
of an unconventional life
in their legendary country house in Sussex.

The lily pond at dawn, bold blue hyacinth,
absinthe afternoons and golden linseed
on paint-stained hands.
Warming whisky and sweet pipe tobacco.
The secrets of waxed floors
burnished by footsteps in the night.

The first spritz of Leather & Artemisia brings to mind the pop of a champagne cork, and sets the scene for quite possibly the most decedent of the five Bloomsbury inspired scents.
The blast of alcohol almost intoxicates as the champagne makes way for the absinthe - an aniseed delight!
I am then taken to a glorious contradiction - a herbaceous green entwines with a warm sweetness - Evoking vanilla to me rather than leather.
Leather & Artemisia is a delight to wear - It is cosy and warm, but there is also a certain effervescence to it, so I feel this scent is versatile enough to wear day or night for any season.

Special editions:
To date this sent was originally released as a limited edition 30mls.

This fragrance is now discontinued from stores, but is available as an Archive fragrance from the Regent Street Boutique.