Amber & Lavender

Release date:


Created by:
Jo Malone.

Described by Jo Malone London:
"Classic male perfumery, refined. French lavender and petitgrain bring a fresh luminosity to precious amber. Cultivated and cosmopolitan."

Top: Petitgrain, bergmot, mint
Heart: French Lavender, lily of the valley, clove. cinnamon
Base: Amber, myrrh, patchouli

The story

Amber, the exotic scent of the Orient and one of the perfume world's most legendary ingredients, is combined with the comfort of French lavender and myrrh. Clean, aromatic and designed to capture the spicy warmth of twilight.

An initial shock of bracing citrus, soon makes way to a deep, warm, sensual cocoon. Amber is the star here. Initial impression is this dominates, but given time a truly artistic picture is painted by other notes  weaving in and out of the story. Lavender as you'd expect, but the petigrain comes back from time to time, as does a caress of clove or a tickle of lily of the valley.
I find Amber & Lavender too powerful for day wear - but is a perfect choice for a night out, especially if you want to turn heads!


Special editions:
Amber & Lavender had a pop-art make over in 2018.