From Christmas 2009 Jo Malone London added an exciting concept to its gift offering - The fragrance Chronicles.

Each set was presented in a gift box, beautifully designed to look like a book. You can read more about The Fragrance Chronicles HERE.


One of the first sets, released for Christmas 2009 was The Story Of Pomegranate Noir.

One of the accompanying fragrances was Raspberry:


"The fruity, woody, musky and peppery aspects of Pomegranate Noir will be amplified when combined with the Raspberry accord. Adding notes of freshly picked raspberries, leafy greens and mouth-watering melon to Pomegranate Noir's first impression ensures a playful and vibrant blend."


I was so happy to receive this set as a gift last Christmas - It was partly used, and the box wasn't in great condition - But it was a great way to try the fragrances.


It's perhaps unfair to write about Raspberry in terms of a 'review' - The fragrance is now ten years old, and I have no idea if it smells now as it would have brand new.

But it is a lovely scent! I found it almost a creamy raspberry, smooth rather than sharp. It works on it's own for a short burst of fun and playful fruitiness, and it really does add a much softer, fun element when worn with Pomegranate Noir.

It has also been beautiful layered over Myrrh & Tonka!

Sadly Jo Malone London do not produce The Fragrance Chronicles any more... It is something I would love to see return as it is such a lovely way to explore your favourite Jo Malone London fragrance.


The Fragrance Chronicles - Raspberry