Black Vetyver Cafe.

Release date:


Created by:

Jo Malone

Described by Jo Malone London:
"The aroma of roasting coffee beans. A robust, beautifully bitter coffee note is steeped in the smoky depths of vetiver and temple incense."

Top:Roasted coffee bean, bitter dark chocolate, citrus
Heart:Nutmeg, green pepper, coriander leaf
Base:Vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, temple incense, sequoia wood, lichen

The story:

Black Vetyver Cafe was born from Jo Malone's passion to create the perfect coffee note.

Black Vetyver Cafe! A fragrance I had long coveted, as it sounded so unique!
I was delighted this was in the Archive collection on a visit to London, I tried it with much trepidation. I was disappointed at the lack of an instant coffee hit, instead experiencing an almost balsamic scent - very reminiscent of soy sauce!
But out of the ones I tried, it's one I continually kept going back to and so a purchase was made!
I've now been wearing this for the month of January. 21 days in, I still can't describe it as a coffee scent... But oddly it does perhaps smell how you would describe coffee - Dark, rich, bitter and warming. But don't worry - You wont smell like you spilt an Americano over yourself! 
If anything, Black Vetyver Cafe, to me, felt rather savory  - There's no hint of florals or sweetness here, though the dry down is woody and warm.
Sadly I haven't found this scent to have much projection or longevity, and even on occasions I can't smell my own fragrance, I still receive numerous compliments - Black Vetyver Cafe received one in time I wore it.
An unusual, intriguing fragrance. I'm so glad to have tried it, but I have no desire to repeat purchase.


Special editions:
I'm not aware of any special editions for this fragrance.

This fragrance is now discontinued, but is available as part of the Online Archive collection. (May very by country)