English Oak & Hazelnut

Release date:


Created by:
Yann Vasnier.

Described by Jo Malone London:
"An enchanted walk. The crunch of green hazelnut. The spice of elemi. The earthy woodiness of vetiver cooled by emerald moss carpets. On a warming base of roasted oak. Earthy. Enticing. Enchanting.."

Top: Green hazelnut, elemi
Heart: Cedarwood, vetiver, oak moss
Base:Roasted oak

The story:
Yann Vasnier shared a very special accord with Celine Roux, which she instantly loved. The idea of the forest and English Oak was something Jo Malone London had wanted to explore, so it was perfect timing. This was the start of English Oak & Hazelnut.

I have to declare this from the outset - English Oak & Hazelnut as become a firm favorite of mine.
There is a really addictive quality, and certainly enchanting - This has been my most complimented scent!
But what I love most about this fragrance is how it magically transports me to some kind of mythical forest, during sunset after a rainstorm!

Warm, woody and spicy, this comforting scent is like a warm cashmere hug. 
I think it must be the hazelnut, but there is something so magical about English Oak & Hazelnut, that makes this stand above typical woody fragrances.
Like I say - This has fast become one of my 
favorites, and is pure bliss when paired with Wild Bluebell.

Special editions:
I'm not aware of any special editions for this fragrance..