Wild Fig & Cassis

Release date:


Created by:
Christian Provenzano.

Described by Jo Malone London:
"Breakfast in Tuscany. Plump, sun-warmed figs blend with juicy cassis and the purity of pine and bracing cedarwood. The warmth of the Mediterranean. To uplift, to wind down, or simply to add an air of luxury."

Top: Cassis, Cherry, Grass, Fig
Heart: Hyacinth, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Pine tree
Base: Patchouli, Cedar, Amber, Musk

The story:
Wild Fig & Cassis was inspired by breakfast in Tuscany - Breaking open figs from the tree and the scent and warmth of the Mediterranean.

Wild Fig & Cassis was always a fragrance I overlooked. Smelling it on a blotter card didn't do much for me and so I never purchased.
When I heard of it's retirement, I still couldn't quite bring myself to invest in a bottle, so I purchased the candle.
The candle is beautiful, and really does add a luxurious touch of the Mediterranean to the home, but I didn't think more of it beyond that.
Recently the beautiful Zita on my Facebook page sent me a decant of this.

Blown. Away.
I am so disappointed to have overlooked this as a fragrance to wear!
The juxtaposition of warmth from the wood notes, the almost chocolatey creaminess of the fig and the green notes of the pine, are amplified when worn on skin.
These seemingly contrasting notes balance so well, working in unison rather than competing.
A gentle breeze amongst warm sun, despite it's name, this is not a fruity fragrance, but rather the fresher side of woody.


Special editions:
I'm not aware of any special editions for this fragrance.

This fragrance is now discontinued, but is available as part of the Online Archive collection. (May very by country)