Vintage Gardenia

Release date:


Created by:
Jo Malone.

Described by Jo Malone London:
A homage to classic white flowers. Gardenia and hyacinth tantalise against a rich backdrop of cardamom, sandalwood and myrrh. Bold and bewitching."

Top:Hyacinth, tuberose
Heart: Gardenia, cardamon
Base: Myrrh, sandalwood, incense

The story:
Created to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Jo Malone London!

Vintage Gardenia (Or Vintage Gardenia with Cardamon & Myrrh to give it it'd original full title) was an accidental purchase for me...

I was so excited to see a discontinued fragrance in my local store, and in this excitement I thought it was gardenia that was a note I love... (It's actually geranium!)
So I was in for a shock when I got home and sprayed this over myself with glee...
Instead of the lemony green, I was met with a heady floral. Oh dear, an expensive mistake!
As I had it, it needed to be used, and I came around to it's not too bad...To one day just falling in love!
It's apologetically floral, a heady floral - but never cloying.
It shares a similarity with Tuberose Angelica in that regard, but here the sweet is replaced with spice and warmth, adding such a captivating twist to the strong floral.
I don't shy away from florals, but it's not for every man... This very well could be your entry point.


Special editions:
I'm not aware of any special editions for this fragrance.

This fragrance is now discontinued, but is available as part of the Online Archive collection. (May very by country)