Green Almond & Redcurrant

Release date:


Created by:
Mathilde Bijaoui

Described by Jo Malone London:
"A colourful combination. The tart juiciness of redcurrants. The zing of citrus. Cocooned in green almond, cedarwood and tonka. Merry and bright."

Top:Green Almond
Heart:Redcurrant, citrus notes
Base: Sandalwood, cedarwood, tonka.

The story:


Being a big Jo Malone London fan, Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year!
Green Almond & Redcurrant did not disappoint me.

This celebration of Christmas gourmand delight opens with a delicious burst of bright ripe fruit.
This also jammy note remains throughout the duration of this long lasting scent, but sharpens up with a green note, and then transforms into full delicious gourmand.
This prevents a marzipan sweetness, but rather rich and comforting.
There is also a slight trace of floral amongst the milky and warm scent.
Green Almond and Redcurrant really is a delight, managing to be juicy, milky, fresh and floral all together, but somehow sitting beautifully as a gourmand.

Special editions:
This fragrance was a limited edition for Christmas 2017.

This fragrance is now discontinued.