Orange Bitters

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Described by Jo Malone London:
"A dash of sweet orange and a burst of ripe mandarin, finished with a splash of bitter orange to reveal rich prune and a base of sensual sandalwood and amber.."

Top:Sweet orange, ripe mandarin
Heart:Bitter orange, prune
Sandalwood, amber.

The story:
The first wearable Christmas fragrance. A warming winter cocktail designed as a delicious scent to celebrate the festive season.

Some scents you'll like, some scents you'll love. And then there's Orange Bitters, which is for me a WOW fragrance!
From the very first spray in store I was addicted. The initial tangy burst orange citrus brings to mind an Aperol Spritz - Fizzy, tart and bursting with orange.
And then the magic happens - Prune (dried plumbs) unfolds adding a warmth to the orange, which now has a gritty edge with the inclusion of orange bitters.
The orange fades to the background - But not too much, it still makes itself known, but is warmer and woodsier once it reaches its full dry down.
Sexy, warm and comforting - Maybe even a little naughty, Orange Bitters perfectly captures the build up to Christmas. Opulent and carefree, a must for Christmas parties!


Special editions:
Orange Bitters has come out in fancy new clothes every Christmas since 2016.
2016 - Harlequin (Pictured)
2017 - Daring orange label
2018 - Luxurious gold label

2019 - Classic label with gold lettering

This fragrance is now discontinued, but fingers crossed for an appearance for Christmas 2020!