From the iconic glass bottle to the luxurious packaging, Jo Malone London is elegant, classic and quintessentially British.

The initial burst of fragrance from each spritz is true to it's seemingly simple name - usually focusing on one or two notes, but the complexity is revealed when worn; Not to mention the added fun of layering the fragrances (Jo Malone London refer to this as 'Fragrance Combining') allowing you to create a signature scent bespoke to you.

Jo Malone London was founded by Jo Malone MBE. Working at the time as a highly regarded beauty therapist, a love of fragrance led to the creation Nutmeg & Ginger bath oil - a gift for loyal clients. This soon led to people wanting to be able to purchase, and a brand was conceived.

Before long, Jo Malone opened her first store with an extended range of fragrances and products. A phenomenon was born and soon expanded to more stores and new scents.

The brand was able to expand even further with the help of The Este Lauder Company.
Jo Malone left the brand in 2006 to look after her family and health.
I highly recommend Jo Malone's autobiography 'My Story' for an in-depth account of how the brand came to be.  

Este Lauder have kept true to the brands spirit and ethos continuing the heritage of stunning fragrances based around single or simple combinations of notes designed to speak for themselves or layered together.

Sometimes whimsical, always intriguing Jo Malone London has fragrances for everyone. Which are your favourite?